Afrique Rising Trading (ART)

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Mr. Daniel Motshwane

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Motshwane is the Founder and Managing Director of Afrique Rising Trading generally known as ART. The Company was incorporated in January 2017.

He is a great visionary, with extensive business acumen acquired over the years of service for many corporate companies and entrepreneurs. He was first introduced to agro-processing at the United Nations Breweries as a Production Supervisor with over 100 subordinates, in 1992 and proceeded to the South African Breweries as a Process Supervisor in 2003. His main duty was to process Barley into Malt. Then roast it to Black Malt. It is where he was introduced to ISO Standards, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP). He was also trained to work in the laboratory to do lab analysis, taking corrective measures, and reporting. He has traveled extensively within the Continent and has developed global networks, where he is known to be resourceful and diligent. Mr. Motshwane has served in different developmental organizations. He Is currently the Board Chairman for the Cosmetics Export Council of South Africa (CECOSA) and the Country Representstive for the Egyptian Businessmen/women Association (EABA).

He is a Cp-Founder of the Natural Ingredients Sector for Cecosa, where they will be mobilizing communities to grow natural ingredients for the cosmetics industry, a project that the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) got interested in and funded it. He also serves in the Agri Diplomacy  Group, which is in over 30 Countries. These organizations will add a lot of value in advancing the vision of ART. He has studied Sales & , Marketing Management with Damelin and acquired a Diploma in Import & Export through SAWA, facilitated by Cecosa.

He is passionate about human development, especially women, youth, and people living with disabilities. His heart is in seeing the rural areas being transformed through agriculture. Daniel has high emotional intelligence, is a smart problem solver, and is quite decisive, with a good sense of humor. He is a family-oriented person who loves music and Is a marvelous singer, too. He believes that businesses are built on relationships and not on transactions.