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Afrique Rising Trading Pty A.R.T goes VERTICAL FARMING in collaboration with AAVF

ART goes vertical

Afrique Rising Trading PTY A.R.T. is s a Pan African social enterprise registered in South Africa mainly focusing on community development projects through agriculture, including vertical farming technologies

The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) is a Non-Profit Organisation whose mission is to mobilize a network of individuals, organizations, and research institutions in Africa’s agriculture sector by introducing a smart agriculture platform where members and other stakeholders are coordinating and taking collective action to improve Africa’s food security.

The AAVF will collaborate with A.R.T. on the following:

a) positioning and developing the Company’s cutting-edge technological solutions in African countries, including but not limited to skills development and setting up of mushroom farms, processing, commercialization, and use of the African Grower Vertical System in AAVF projects across Africa, with precise written project objectives & milestones.

b) AAVF will support the ART in promoting its products and services by facilitating the introduction to third parties already pre-screened and pre-vetted.

c) join forces with the objective of accelerating information and knowledge exchange on and the implementation of Smart farming projects in Africa and sustainable urban food production projects, research and solutions in cities for local governments and other relevant stakeholders on sustainable vertical farming and urban food production strategies and solutions, focusing on their potential to support sustainable urban food systems.

d) Implement successful project development on Smart Farming initiatives run by Women and Youth of Africa.

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