Afrique Rising Trading (ART)

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About Us

Welcome To ART

Afrique Rising Trading

Our Mission

To be African trendsetters when it comes to rural industrialization through agriculture, where we change the current narrartive of women, youth and person’s with disabilities in these rural communities.

Our Vision

 Industrialize the rural communities through mushroom farming, with a long-term vision of establishing an agrihub incorporating other agro commodities.

Core Values

Coopetition not Competition, Collaboration, Empathy, Stewardship, Transparency, Uprightness, Attention to detail, Consistency and Continous Research, Development and Innovation.


Afrique Rising Trading (ART) is a Pan-African Social Enterprise focusing on community development projects through agriculture, targeting women, youth, and people living with disabilities, especially in rural and peri-urban areas.  We provide community industrialization, food security, skills development, and volume employment under a scalable agricultural model that delivers continual performance.


We are about transforming the rural economy. Mushroom farming and processing is our niche specialization, as we don’t see many mushrooms products on our shopping shelves. We are also educating people about the nutritional and health benefits of consuming mushrooms.


Some 60% of Africans live in rural areas and depend on seasonal agriculture combined with on-farm and off-farm activities for their livelihoods. Low agricultural productivity, inadequate infrastructure – especially rural roads, water, electricity, and sanitation, digital exclusion, and limited access to financial markets make the quality of life poor in these rural areas. Economic opportunities are shrinking for many, leading to the intergenerational transfer of poverty.


Promoting social cohesion – through our soft skills programs which promote social inclusion and moral regeneration. Focus on building relationships with our employees, stakeholders, clients and suppliers which will positively affect our growth, execute principles of excellence through our daily pre-operational checks, and creating a work environment that encourages and motivates our employees – our core asset – to “succeed and prosper”


To transform its rural economies, Africa must embark on agricultural industrialization and add value to its agricultural commodities. Vast agro-industries, especially staple-crops processing zones, enabled with infrastructure should be developed in the rural areas to support local food industries. These zones will transform rural Africa into new zones of economic prosperity.